To all friends of email correspondence chess

The EmailChessPoint invites for the league season 2020

Dear correspondence chess friends and all who can become,

the EmailChessPoint hereby invites you to its league season 2020 (plying time 11.02.2020 - 31.12.2020). Anyone who can send and receive emails and who enjoys chess is allowed to play.

The game and tournament rules of the EmailChessPoint apply, to be found on http://www.emailchesspoint.online/regele.php. However, all games that are still running on 31.12.2020 will be finished and adjudicated.

The game is played in 3 classes in groups of 5 and 7. The division of double-round playing 4-er-groups is reserved. There are 4 or 6 games to play.

In the 1st league the 5 first place players of the 1st league 2019 will play as well as the promoted players of the groups of the 2nd league 2019. The winner of the 1st league will be EmailChessPoint Champion 2020.

In the groups of the 2nd league the relegates of the 1st league 2019 play, the 2nd to 5th of the groups of the 2nd league 2019 as well as the promoted players of the groups of the 3rd league 2019.

In the 3rd league groups all other players play.

If it turns out that in the 1st league or in the groups of the 2nd league less than 7 players would have to be divided up, an allocation will be made from the circle of players who finished the season 2019 with the same points and scores as qualified players, then from the circle of strong players who did not participate in the league 2019.

Ascent and descent regulations will correspond to those for the 2019 season. More detailed rules will be announced in the start mails.

Registration - also required for participants of the league 2019! - is done via web form http://www.emailchesspoint.online/forme.php or via email to Kurt@EmailChessPoint.online with real name and email address. The last registration deadline is 31.01.2020.