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Receivers: Kurt Schwenger, Andreas Ziegert, Hans Krebs, Frank Malewicz, and if Cup: Josef Schmitz

No registration to the pyramid is required. Newcomers, even at their first entry, can start a challenge immediately.

Editing notes:

In the 1st block is usually sufficient for the re-registration of registered players with unchanged data the e-mail address.

The information of place of residence is voluntary. If the information is given, it also appears on the tournament pages.

In the 2nd block, please enter the desired number of tournaments.

In the messages field you can write messages, inquiries or further information.

When registering for thematic tournaments please enter the tournament number or the move sequence for a topic suggestion under 'Messages'.

Please check the entries at the end and then click once on the appropriate submit button.

The submission does not result in an automatic entry into a tournament.